Run all the hills! 


Ok, so this picture is shit, because I swear this is a hill. And I swear I ran it a bajillion times. I even went down into the river valley to sprint the steeper hill a couple times. 

Just take my word on all of this guys, the picture doesn’t do it justice. I swear! 

… The amount of sweat I am covered in right now is bruising my ego. 


Today I was supposed to run 10 miles. 

Today I was supposed to be all in. 

Today I was supposed to feel strong.

Today I was supposed to feel ready. 

Today I slept in. 

Today I was exhausted.

Today I had a headache.

Today I prioritized my social life. 

Today I made excuses. 

Today I quit.

Today I could’ve done better.

Will run for make-up.

When you sleep in, and therefore have to do your scheduled run after work, do you:

1) Give yourself positive self-talk all day. “You got this,” “It’ll be an amazing way to end the day!” etc..

2) Do nothing different, you always feel like running, the time of day doesn’t matter!

3) Leave your most cherished item at the gym and so you HAVE to go and get it (and consequently get on the treadmill).

If you chose number three, welcome to somewhat-brilliant, somewhat-pathetic club!

I slept in today, and so I couldn’t do my sprint intervals before my workout with my trainer. This has been somewhat of a pattern this week, and so today I decided I wasn’t going to let a sleep in make me miss my run.

While I was working out, I was contemplating ways to make sure I would come back after a long work day. I, by all accounts, am a morning workout person. My evenings are for friends and reality tv, folks. So I knew it had to be a REALLY good reason to come back to the gym.

Leaving my runners there wouldn’t work, as I would be there again in the morning.
Telling everyone I was coming back wasn’t going to work either, seeing as I have no shame.
But you know the one thing I feel like I need?

My make-up.

Roll your eyes all you want (and revert your gaze to the previous sentence about shame), but leaving my make-up at the gym was the only thing that would be 100% fool-proof in making me go back there after work. Ain’t nobody needs to see a bare-faced Bree first thing in the morning.

For reference, here’s a video to help you understand:

Anyways, I went back, knocked out eight 90 second sprints, and felt so happy afterword (and a wee bit nauseous).

Now I’m curled up in bed and feeling back on track after a slightly off week.

Cold sweat selfies for all!